Kennel's Favourite Biotin 100pcs 135g

BND 4.50 BND 4.05


  • Stimulates hair growth and keeps the skin healthy
  • Has an anti-seborrheic effect
  • Plays important role in the metabolism of fatty-acids OMEGA 6:3
  • Stabilises the sugar level in the blood

: dehydrated whey, wheat starch, dekstrose, dehydrated milk yeast extract, vitamins, pure biotin (vitamin H).
Additives/kg: vitamin B1 0.05%, vitamin B2 0.07%, vitamin B3 0.036%, vitamin B6 0.037%, vitamin B12 0.43%, vitamin A 9.526 IE, vitamin D3 1.191 IE, vitamin E 7mg, vitamin H (biotin) 240mcg.
Analysis: crude protein 9.9%, crude fat 7.1%, crude ash 2.8%, crude fiber 3.4%.
Daily consumption: min. 2-3 tablets for each 5kg of body weight, regular.
Raised intake will not cause any negative side effects.
Produced and packed in Holland.
Store in a cool dry place.
Best before: see package.
Netto weight: 150gr
Contents: ± 90 tablets

operative component:

BIOTIN – Beauty vitamin
Alternative name:
Coenzyme R or Vitamin H

Biotin is water-soluble, and is a relatively new element within the B group.
Biotin is the vitamin of beauty: it is the vitamin for the skin and hair. In addition, biotin optimalises the intestinal flora and stabilises the sugar level in the blood.
The sulphur in biotin makes the skin smooth and elastic, the fur soft and fluffy and the claws strong.Biotin plays an important role in the production of keratin. In other words, keratin improves the structure of the claws and the fur. Biotin is necessary for the synthesis of ascorbic acid and for the normal metabolism of fats and proteins.