Kennel's Favourite for Puppy 225pcs 135g

BND 4.50 BND 4.05


  • Takes care of healthy teeth and bones
  • Supports a fully development of the muscle system
  • Has a positive effect on the nervous system

Ingredients: dehydrated whey, wheat starch, dekstrose, dehydrated whey yeast extract, dehydrated fishmeal, dehydrated green seaweed, vitamins.
Additives/kg: vitamin B1 0.04%, vitamin B2 0.06%, vitamin B3 0.31%, vitamin B6 0.032%, vitamin B12 0.37%, vitamin A 10.166 IE, vitamin D3 1.069 IE, vitamin E 7mg, cholin 240mg.
Analysis: crude protein 17.2%, crude fat 7.6%, crude ash 2.9%, crude fiber 3.2%, calcium (Ca) 0.1%.
Daily consumption: min. 2-3 tablets for each 5kg of body weight, regular.
Raised intake will not cause any negative side effects.
Produced and packed in Holland.
Store in a cool dry place.
Best before: see package.
Netto weight: 150gr
Contents: ± 250 tablets

operative component:


There are three types of sea grass:
brown, red and green.

The chemical composition of each type
is different. Kennels' Favourite Whey
Pastils contain green sea grass from

The most important property of this green sea grass is its high protein content, 40 – 45%, and in addition it also contains bicarboxylic acids, alanine and alginin. Green sea grass contains 30 – 35% carbohydrates and 10% lipids, and there are also high levels of zinc, copper, cobalt and other substances in it. There is therefore no doubt about the high nutritional value of green sea grass. Green sea grass contains many vitamins (especially those from the B group), macro- and micro-elements. Green sea grass can store elements that are extremely scarce in the surrounding water. Green sea grass contains a large number of biologically active substances: multiple unsaturated fatty acids, chlorophyll, polysaccharides, fucoidan, glucan, pectin, alginic acid, vegetable sterols and carotenoids.
Seaweed contains a lot of iodine, which is important for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Seaweed has a beneficial effect for elastic, smooth and healthy skin.
Seaweed - a rich natural source of many minerals and trace elements; it stimulates the metabolism and gives vitality.