Kis-Kis Extra Rich 7.5Kg

BND 37.00 BND 33.30


Kis-Kis Extra Rich has been specially developed with assistence of internationally recognised Dutch experts of veterinary nutrition. Kis-Kis Extra Rich is extremely tasty and easily digestible, supports by it‘s excellent quality protein, combined with a relatively high density of nutrients, optimal nutrition for adult cats. The large number of vitamins and trace elements strengthens the immune system and promotes the vitality of adult cats.
Kis-Kis Extra Rich simplifies the uptake of food by the ergonomics of the bits in size, shape and structure which are adopted to the jaws of the persian cat. Stimulates the intestine and helps to prevent formation of hairballs through a combination of insoluble fiber (psyllium) that helps to promote the removal of the daily swallowed hair. Contributes to a soft and glossy coat through an exclusive complex of nutrients, which stimulate pigment formation.
Kis-Kis Extra Rich is the ideal nutrition for pregnant and nursing cats of all breeds. Due to the extremely high concentration of energy in Kis-Kis Extra Rich are compared relatively small portions of the power supply sufficient.