Synergy Labs VFS Gloss & Glide 8 oz

BND 8.00


Synergy Labs VFS Gloss & Glide 8 oz, is an anti-tanning agent, brightener and conditioner with DL-Panthenol, silk proteins and Green Tea extract. Formulated to optimize moisture content and pH balance of skin and coat.

Mode of Use: Use after shampooing and swimming to create a vibrant looking coat with natural shine. In addition to eliminating tangles and creating a shiny coat, Gloss & Glide provides the additional benefits of optimizing skin moisture content and pH balance.

  •     Spray it Brush it through leave it on.
  •     Spray evenly on and above the pet's coat for maximum distribution.
  •     Comb or brush gently to release the tangles and achieve a healthy and bright shine.
  •     All this, without rinsing.