FIDO Anti-Bacteria Pump Cat Spray 100ml

BND 6.50


Fido Antibacterial Aerosol Pump is suitable for both long and short coated cats. It uses Nanomed technology which can achieve over 99.9% effect preventing the growth of numerous kinds of bacteria, including multi-drug resistant bacteria and fungi

* Deodorize
* Heals Wound
* Safe to use

* Nanomed can prevent H1N1 virus infection
* Ability againsts bacterial and viruses in 24 hours
* Agains bacteria often found in dermatosis
* Anti fungal abilities-against the fungal strains causing dermatophytosis in both humans and animals
* Also can enhance the wound recovering related gene expression, as well as preventing the growth of bacteria on wound surface

Directions : 
Spray directly to pet's coat or wound & wipe or leave it to dry