FIDO Flea & Tick Repellent Spray for Cats 150ml

BND 8.00


Fido Tick & Flea cat spray is made with the all-natural ingredient. It contains natural extracts from citrus peels, and happen to be very effective insecticidal flea treatmens.
This natural ingredient will kill flea in all stages of development, including the eggs. These should be applied to the whole animal, but try to keep it out of their eyes, nose and mouth.  The ingredient instantly strips away the protective wax coating from the exoskeleton of insects, causing them to suffocate and die on contact. 

* Non-toxic
* Safe to pets, children & enviroment
* Leaving coats smelling clean & fresh
* Non-polluting
* Easy to use

Mixture of essential oil, ethanol-based solvent & inert ingredients.

* Keep out of children's reach
* Do no expose to temperature above 50C

Directions :
Shake before use. Spray directly on treated area. In case of any irritation, immediately wash with water