Pro Vet Dog Pastils Anti-Parasite 90tbl 135g

BND 7.00


  • Works preventative against fleas, louses, ticks and worms
  • Supports heart and blood-vessels
  • Reduces cholesterol level

  • Ingredients: dehydrated whey, wheat starch, dekstrose, dehydrated milk yeast extract, dehydrated seaweed, brewer’s yeast extract, alliin, alliicin, spice mixture, carrot, vitamins.
    Additives/kg: vitamin B1 0.08%, vitamin B2 0.11%, vitamin B3 0.059%, vitamin B6 0.006%, vitamin B12 0.71%, vitamin A 9.474 IE, vitamin D3 1.053 IE, vitamin E 7mg.
    Analysis: crude protein 11%, crude fat 7.1%, crude ash 2.9%, crude fiber 3.5%, moisture 7%.
    Daily consumption: min. 2-3 tablets for each 5kg of body weight, regular.
    Raised intake will not cause any negative side effects.
    Produced and packed in Holland.
    Store in a cool dry place.
    Best before: see package.
    Netto weight: 150gr
    Contents: ±100 tablets

    operative components:


    PRO-VET “Anti Parasits” healthy treatsare anti-parasitic preparations which are regarded as a 100% natural and effective remedy against lice, fleas, mites  and intestinal worms.

    “Anti Parasits” healthy treats contains in
    it‘s composition high concentrations of alliin
    and enzymes of the alliinase group. Amino acid is very important in alliin, and it is at the basis of the production of the active ingredient: allicin. The transformation from alliin to allicin is possible thanks to the alliinase enzyme, and it takes place during the fusion process of alliin and alliinase. During the crushing of garlic, a chemical reaction takes place, whereby the active ingredient allicin is formed. Allicin is used at the molecular level, and it is the most important biologically active element in garlic. Alliin and alliinase are found in garlic cloves. Enzymes of the alliinase group are present in the membrane of the garlic clove, and alinine in the garlic clove itself. Allicin blocks particular enzyme groups, making it a sort of natural weapon against infections. It also blocks the main components of some enzymes that play a part in the synthesis of cholesterol, so that it can support the cardiovascular system in a natural way.
    The daily use of “Anti Parasits”  to your animals reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disorders.
    In addition, thanks to its high concentration of alliin and allicin, the “Anti Parasits” preparations has a strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect: it cleans the blood vessels and helps in cases of atherosclerosis; it improves the blood circulation; it reduces the amount of fats (triglycerides) and cholesterol in the blood; it strengthens the organism's immunity and, finally, it cures skin diseases, as well as fungal infections etc.